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Edamame (Steamed Soybeans) 4.00

Gyoza (Pork pan fried dumpling) 4.75

Shumai (steam shrimp dumpling) 4.75

Harumaki (Japanese spring roll) 4.75

Beef Negimaki (scallion wrapped with beef) 7.00

Beef Tataki (slice steak with special sauce) Note: 7.25

Soft Shell Crab (deep fried witsh katsu sauce) 7.25

Tempura Appetizer (shrimp and vegetable battered fried) 6.75

Yakitori (chicken and vegetables on skewer) 4.75

Seafood Yaki (shrimp, scallop and vegetables on skewer) 7.25

Age Dashi Tofu (fried tofu with tempura sauce) 4.25

Tempura Calamary (deep fried squid with spicy creamy sauce) 7.00

Yaki Ika (grill squid with special sauce) 7.00

Rock Shrimp (deep fried shrimp with spicy creamy sauce) 7.75

Tuna Tataki (seared pepper tuna with spicy sauce Note: 8.00

Tuna Tartar (chopped tuna with tobiko.avocado) Note: 8.00

Tuna Dumplings (Scallop, seaweed, shrimp, crab wraped with tuna)Note: 8.00

Sushi Sampler (5 pc sushi) 6.75 Sashimi Sampler (6 pc sashimi) Note: 7.75

Tako Su (slice octopus with ponzu sauce) Note: 6.75

Yellow Tail Jalapeno (slice yellowtail with jalapeno) 7.75

Sunomo (assorted fish with ponzu sauce)Note: 6.75

Baked Salmon (baked salmon snow crab with dynamite sauce) 8.00

Note: These food may serve raw or contain under cooked item. Consuming raw or under cooked meat, seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

* Prices subject to change without notice.